Sunday, 22 May 2011

Natural Insect Repellant

Mrs Grieves, in The Modern Herbal of 1931, swears by elderflower leaves, bruised or 'in decoction' to drive away flies, midges and mosquitoes. Bruised leaves can be worn in a hat or rubbed on the face. Alternatively, make an infusion of the leaves and dab the mixture on afterwards with a cotton wool pad.

Gather some sprigs of fresh leaves from the Elder.
Remove the stems and place the leaves in a jug.
Pour on enough boiling water to cover the leaves.
Cover with a lid immediately.
Leave for a few hours, until the liquid infusion is cold.
Strain, decant into a bottle and keep tightly corked.

Tip: make fresh infusions often, as over time, it tends to lose its efficacy.

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